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This website was created to give you some continuing information about what's happening with Corbin/Hanner and me.  I'll try to keep you updated on Dave's activities as well as my own as much as I can.  For now, the most important thing to me is the release of my new solo CD, I'm The Hero, I'm The Villain.  

I'm The Hero, I'm The Villain is a group of songs I've written over the last 10 years or so.  I won't try to go into a long explanation or give you an opinion about them -- I'll leave that up to you.  When I write a song, it's like a story that unfolds in my head and I just follow along and do my best to get it down.  I hope you find some songs you like on this CD.

The "Cowboy Suite" section (the last four songs on the CD) was included because  I've been fascinated with westerns and cowboys ever since I was a little kid and watched Hopalong Cassidy dressed all in black.  I felt it was time to let the cowboy out. 


Some of the best times I've had were the ones I spent with Corbin/Hanner and you guys.  This CD is a little something to help you remember me -- although I'm NOT retiring, I'm just leaving on a little adventure!  Let me know what you think about the new CD.  I'd like to know your opinions and I'll do my best to keep in touch. 


My thanks to those who already ordered the CD.  Here's what some of them have to say (and it's very appreciated!)

Wow !!! this is good! David.U

 One of the finest albums in my CD collection (and I have a 6000+ library). I have already bought more copies as gifts. This collection of related songs shows emotion and the depth of human feeling.  David S.

 I hope you'll always keep writing songs Bob. You're one of he best songwriters I've ever seen, and I'm older than dirt.  Bill D.

my wife and I are listening to your new album. FANTASTIC! Not sure which is our favorite. ....maybe "Hell and High Water". God has given you a great gift. Please keep writing for us.  Allen P.

I just finished listening to your new cd. I've always been a big fan.... this is your best work yet. NICE JOB!  William Mc.

Bob, I had a chance to listen to the first four songs on the cd yesterday in my car after work. Wow!! These songs are great. Your voice is stronger than ever. I imagine listening to the entire cd in one setting would be like overdosing on sex. You may want to put a warning label on the cd advising folks to only listen to one song at a time.  Jim R

  • Yea Bob, forgot to tell you how much I like your new cd, Your still sounding good.   Paul B

I thoroughly enjoyed your new CD! Can't pick a favorite though, they are all great. I love Hell and Highwater and waiting forever and hero villain and all the rest are great too.  Lyn S

I love this album.  Lynn T

 got the new CD today ,sounds great,2 thumbs up!  Al K

we received your cd yesterday and we love it. played it 4 times already. Charlie P.

Well done you! I just received your CD, you … should be proud! It's the best work you've done to date! Thank you! I can't pick one favorite, they are all amazing.  Becky S.

 OMG - love your new CD!! I am so happy that you didn't retire. Keep writing those awesome songs - love them all!  Lynne K

I've really been enjoying your new CD lately; great work!  Bill D