From the recording I'm the Hero, I'm the Villain


I’m The Hero, I’m The Villain
Words and Music by Bob Corbin
I  stood proud for all the world to see
Shining in the light
But like a thief I ran for cover
In the darkness of the night
I rode tall in the saddle
I bravely stood my ground
And I’ve played that desperado
Who always gets shot down
I’m the hero, I’m the villain
And it seems I’m always willin’
To play the part, good or bad
Like an actor on the stage
I’m the loser, I’m the winner
I’m the saint and I’m the sinner
I’m the hero, I’m the villain
With each turning of the page
I’ve pushed myself to the limit
Reaching for some distant shore
I’ve given up without a struggle
When things were worth fightin’ for
I’ve walked the paths of glory
Over mountaintops I’ve flown
And I’ve stumbled by the wayside
I’ve fallen like a stone
Chorus: repeat